iPad Lesson Ideas from Apple Education

July 6, 2016

iPad Lesson Ideas – Set yourself up for success

Did you know Apple Education offers free iBooks that provide instruction, ideas, and inspiration for using iPads in your classroom? I have seen far too many classrooms where teachers are excited to get their students on the iPads and then realize they don’t know what to do with them.

Have no fear! Apple Education has a series of iBooks that focus on popular apps that provide fantastic iPad lesson ideas. These iBooks show you how to use a whole host of different iPad apps ranging from Explain Everything, Keynote, iBooks Author, as well as an Education Deployment Guide. It’s a handy set of free resources that you can use to set yourself up for success when launching into a 1-to-1 device program or just looking into whether or not something like this would be a viable option for your school.

Click Here for the list of iBooks created by Apple Education

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