How Tips4Teachers Makes Money

In the spirit of full disclosure, we want to be completely open and honest how Tips4Teachers supports teachers and also manages to keep the lights on so that there’s no confusion about how the site works.

We do not “sell” lessons

In our preliminary research before we launched our site, the message was very clear: most teachers do not like the idea of “selling” their lessons. While there are websites out there that provide a place for teachers to produce cute worksheets and resources that can be useful in certain situations, that is not what we do here at Tips4Teachers. Instead, we provide a central location where teachers can “share” their lessons with the greater teacher community, communicate and collaborate with one another to increase student engagement, and ultimately improve student learning outcomes.

Supplementary income for Teachers & Schools through “Tips” NOT “donations”

The name of our website is a bit of a play on words. We do not only provide tips for teachers in the form of lessons and resources, we also intend to be a place where they can be recognized for the contributions they make to the world of education through financial donations from generous online benefactors. With that said, and just to be extra clear, we do NOT take donations and we are NOT a 503c non-profit company.

How it works: When a teacher signs up for an account with us (which is 100% free) and shares their lessons, they become eligible to earn “tips”. We imagine there are a couple ways this could happen:

  1. Teacher A is looking for lesson inspiration and finds Teacher B‘s lesson on Tips4Teachers. The lesson is a great success! If Teacher A is feeling grateful, they can send Teacher B a tip in very much the same way you might buy another colleague a cup of coffee!
  2. Teacher B gains a certain amount of notoriety for their amazing lessons. They share their lessons on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook where their friends and family notice all the hard work they are doing. Generous friends and family who are not even teachers can “Tip” Teacher B to show their appreciation for what they do.

The “tip” breakdown: For each “tip” given to the qualifying teacher, it depends on the membership level of the teacher, but based on our Standard Membership here’s a breakdown of who gets what:

  1. The Teacher keeps 70% of the Tip sent to them minus 30¢ for every transaction less than $1
  2. Tips4Teachers keeps the remaining 30% of the Tip to pay for the upkeep and maintenance of the service


Affiliate Links

Tips4Teachers is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to While Amazon is our main affiliate advertising program of choice (mainly due to its ubiquity and familiarity with our audience), we do periodically partner with different companies like Staples or HostGator if certain products are not available on Amazon.

How it works: When we review products or just link to products on any given blog post, we may link to products listed on Amazon or other websites depending on the product. We get paid an affiliate advertising commission if you purchase the product or service by clicking through on the link listed on our website. Please note, we will never recommend a product we have not first used ourselves and genuinely think would be useful in a classroom setting. Our intent is to provide as much value to our readers as possible and not treat them as potential dollar signs.

Who pays us: The Affiliate Retailer (e.g. Amazon or Staples, depending on the affiliate).

Premium Subscription Services

How it works: Tips4Teachers has 3 separate Membership levels that offer different benefits: For example, while all three levels give you full access to the lessons and resources uploaded onto the Tips4Teachers website, they offer different levels of Tip Percentage and Transaction Fees. A full breakdown of all the different membership levels can be found on our Membership page.

Who pays us: Tips4Teachers members who upgrade to the B+ or A+ memberships.