What are the tax implications of getting “Tips”?

Do I need a Paypal account to get paid?

What if I don’t have a Paypal account?

What payment gateways do you offer?

Why do my lessons need to get approved before they show up on the website?

How come registration is not automated?

How come you have a disproportionate number of math lessons? Are you planning on offering other subjects as well?
Yes. When we started our website, we had a much larger group of math teacher friends than in other subjects. Slowly, our social skills have been improving and we’re trying to make friends with some English teachers as well as History teachers (we’re not so sure about the Art teachers though… j/k). Give us some time. We’ll get there. Are you a non-math teacher? Do you have lessons you want to share? Do you want to make some passive-income? You should register today!

Your web site doesn’t work very well and your design is terrible. What gives?
We’re teachers, not web developers. But that does bring up an excellent point: Do you have some web development skillz? Are you secretly an awesome full-stack developer? You want to help out a really early stage startup? Awesome. We’re hiring!.